Vital Signs: Architecture and health - an opinion piece by Emmett Scanlon

Recently, on that Sunday in Farmleigh, it was passionately, persuasively and potently suggested that as the institutions we once respected collapsed around us, the arts remain built on solid ground, undamaged, unbroken, thumpingly thriving, still vital to society’s well being. In other words, they are, now that you mention it, very well, thank you.

Vital Signs: the value of arts and health - an opinion piece by Dr Austin O’Carroll

Using the arts to challenge the stultifying, dehumanising, unwritten medical curriculum offers a rich education vein to be mined.

Vital Signs: HE+ART celebrating the diversity of arts and health practice in Sligo - a new opinion piece by Mary McAuliffe

‘The research found that the principles of equity, individual contribution and quality artistic input, as well as person-centered approaches to making art that were not therapy focused were central to the Sligo approach.’

Missing language, silent voices and the art in listening - an essay by Clíodhna Shaffrey, Vital Signs exhibition catalogue

‘The contemporary artist operating within the interstices of healthcare disciplines, capable of intelligent and sensitive negotiation and strategic collaboration is a theme well demonstrated within the range of works being brought into public exhibition here by Michelle Browne.’

Vital Signs conference (15 October 2009)

The Vital Signs conference took place on 15 October 2009 in the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland in Dublin. A summary of the conference, speakers papers and podcasts are available. Willie White, Director of the Project Arts Centre reported from the conference using Twitter.

Vital Signs: Taking the pulse, taking the measure - an opinion piece by Paula Meehan

‘So I’m trying to write a poem that clusters about ideas of vision and healing: about language and who controls it, machine memory, human memory, the tablet culture, the five minute healer. The elderly relative who knows it’s not hayfever that ails him. And who isn’t listened to. The doctor who encourages his patients to communicate with him, in their own words, at their own pace.’

Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism launched Vital Signs (14 October 2009)

The Vital Signs programme was launched by Mr Martin Cullen T.D. Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism on 14 October 2009. The Minister was introduced by Pat Moylan, Chairman of the Arts Council /An Chomhairle Ealaíon.

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